By Alberto Zambrana

          Discovering sexuality is one of the most tedious journeys that individuals will embark on in their lifetime. It reveals truths about themselves that can sometimes be quite difficult to accept about themselves and sometimes others. Fortunately, studies on human sexuality are beginning to shed light on discoveries. Modern research studies suggest that human sexuality might be more “fluid” as opposed to a more traditional thought of having fixed sexual orientations. Let me further explain; for starters, let us define what is meant by sexuality. Sexuality is often misunderstood, and people often define it by who you’re having sex with or how frequently it happens for you. But in reality, sexuality consists of your sexual attractions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors toward other people that you might be feeling. For most people, this describes the categories of sexual, physical, and emotional attraction.

          Let us add in the concept of Erotic Plasticity, which is understood as the change in an individual’s sexual expression regarding their attitudes, preferences, and behavior based on environmental or situational circumstances. We are finding out with recent studies providing longitudinal data that human sexuality cannot be confined to fix categories and instead should be understood and viewed as a spectrum. Therefore, a more substantial proportion of people than what has been previously discovered experience what researchers come to establish as Sexual Fluidity.

          Fluidity can be defined as the idea that sexual orientation can change over time and depending on an individual’s situation. This, of course, is not to be confused with bisexuality, which is actually an identifiable sexual orientation that individuals feel themselves being consistently attracted to, both identifying women and identifying men. While fluidity, as was stated, should be understood in terms of having a sexuality that changes over time, an individual might not feel constant attraction to both sexes. There may be times when an individual may be attracted to the opposite identifying gender for some time. At other times, they may be attracted to the same sex identifying gender. Of course, not all individuals experience fluidity, and not everyone will share the same degrees of fluidity. It is always essential to remember that sexual orientation is not something that is chosen but rather something that you’re born with.

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