Get involved in Safer Internet Day 2020!

Safer Internet Day (SID) is fast approaching – on Tuesday, February  11 2020, we will be millions around the globe, uniting “Together for a Better Internet”. 

There are so many possible ways for you to celebrate #SaferInternetDay! Find out what’s happening near you on February 11 2020 by visiting the international Safer Internet Day website and the American Partner ConnectSafely 

Everyone has a responsibility to make a positive difference online. We can all promote the positive by being kind and respectful to others and by seeking out positive opportunities to create and  connect. We can all respond to the negative by reporting inappropriate or illegal content and behavior online. We invite you all to join “Together for a Better Internet” on the next edition of Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, 11 February 2020.

Everyone is responsible for making a positive difference online! Celebrate together for a better internet on Safer Internet Day. 

#SaferInternetDay #SID2020


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